1 february cancer horoscope 2020

In the starting of Feb, there is a possibility of a decrease in your income or theft of money.

Cancer Horoscope

During the months of Feb-march, there is a possibility of receiving an inheritance. Also, your inflow of money will be good during this time. During the months April-June, there is a good inflow of money, however, there is a possibility of entering into arguments with your legal partners.

During July-August, you may gain money either from foreign sources or lose money due to expenditure incurred. The latter half of the year is good as far as the economic condition is concerned. Except for a few initial months, your financial situation will be fine. The year is good for your financial health. For health perspective, this year may not be good. Since Ketu is placed in your 6th house, it may create health issues for you.

The planet Ketu will remain in Sagittarius sign till the month of September. You need to be very careful during the period between March-June, as there's a possibility of your meeting with an accident. To enjoy life and get along with the auspicious and memorable moments of life, one needs to be hale and hearty. From the month of April to June end, you need to follow a lifestyle that your body would love. No nasty habits of food that your stomach dislikes.

Think not only of taste but nutrition, you will eat a lot healthier if you actively think of staying healthy throughout the year After that, you need to be careful in the month of November and December. Take precautions as someone wise has stated that prevention is better than cure. This year, Cancerians may expect good results in terms of career. At the beginning of the year, your income would be good.

Venus the Lord of your eleventh house will be placed in the seventh house. Your sixth house is also strong during the initial phase. However, your luck may not go as per your expectations.

During the months of February, your income may either fluctuate or there could be a financial loss. Mars being your 10th lord will be in the 5th house of your horoscope which is good and indicates that you may get employed in your area of specialization and your earnings will be good. During the months of March-July, the inflow of money appears to be good. Your income may increase owing to promotion from your current position. In the month of August, you may earn from foreign sources as well.

Yearly Horoscopes

There might be an increase in expenditure during this month. During the months of September and October, you may get a hike or may change your job. The company you join will be a good one and a handsome hike in salary will be received owing to strong 10th house and its lord Mars. November-December will remain good for you in terms of your career. Those natives of moon sign Cancer who are involved in any kind of business will find the second half of the year to be favourable.

Cancer Horoscope 2020: A Year of Freedom And Discovery

You may face some difficulties in your business partnership due to malefic aspect over your seventh house. Your revenue will, however, be not affected much. Overall, the year is good for you with regards to career and profession. Also Read: Astrological Yogas for Imprisonment. According to astrological predictions for moon sign Cancer for the year , students of this sign will get good results this year.

At the beginning of the year, Mars - the Lord of their 10th house - will be in the 5th house, which is the house of education.

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It is good for students if they strive to make their career in respective fields related to their education. They may get good results for their hard work this year. During the months of March-May, time is favourable for those who are preparing for competitive examinations. They may get desirable results.

The months of July-August will not be that lucky in this regard. During mid-September, they may get success in everything they put their heart and soul into. You will realise how important your life partner is to you. This month will be good for you as you will connect well with your parents. They will be supportive towards you and help you by all means. Family members will have a good time.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 2020 Love Guide for Cancer

All of you will be together as a family and that will be your strength. You will have them by your side in times of need. With siblings too, a jovial bond will be maintained. They will understand you and will help you to achieve your goals. The elder members of the household will advise you and will serve as your guiding light. You should fulfill your duties as a responsible member of the family. During this month, you will have many guests over your place.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

An auspicious activity might take place in your home. You will be happy and satisfied with the performance of your children.


They will work hard and get good results. They will be the apple of your eyes and you will work hard to secure a better future for them. There are chances of a conflict taking house within the kin. You should sweep petty issues under the carpet so that arguments can be avoided. Unity should be maintained in the household. Everyone in the family will have high anticipations from you, which is why you should try to live up to their expectations.

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Do the best that you can manage to do for your family. You should worship Lord Shiva with utmost devotion in order to seek his blessings. Donate white colored objects on Mondays. You should make contributions to the needy people and also be considerate towards others. Helping others to get rid of their problems will help you to wade through your own. The people born under Cancer have a strong determination and purpose.

They are very lovable, caring and reliable to their par Rashifal Kundli Horoscope Rashifal Calendar Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Monthly Cancer Horoscope November, Health will be perfect despite a hectic day. Unexpected rise in your expenses would disturb your peace of mind. Social eve Monday, November 11, - Sunday, November 17, This week, the Moon will enter your tenth house at first, and then transit onto the eleventh, twelfth and first house. Moon i The week is going to be great for love related matters.

There are chances of you winning the heart of your lover by deciding According to the Cancer Horoscope , the year will be good in terms of money, job or profession. For those in service or j Select Another Sign. Cancer Horoscope. I am : Man Woman. This is regarded as an excellent sign combination.

They will have harmony in their relationship and will share the same wavel She will have an irresistible magnetism that will keep him hooked.