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In this page daily horoscope in Urdu is given. On this stars information page, you can find information about all zodiac star signs in Urdu.

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And about the information of the people like their personality, love life, their childhood, their career, jobs, love crush, sex, break up, birth chart, zaicha, star stones, pathar, flowers etc. Daily horoscope in Urdu today tells the personality traits of people on the base of their star knowledge.

Urdu Point daily horoscope tells specification of different aspects of life. It narrates general views of zodiac sign in Urdu. It shows good habbits and bad habbits of star sign. Urdu Point tells the personality of male on the base of their zodiac sign. Urdu Point horoscope tells the habits and behaviors of a child on the base of his star.

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This is Venus second visit this year and from the get go she returns wearing her planet of money hat. Normally this would mark the start of the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year and while that is still the case, returning just a day before lucky Jupiter moves into his final month here, it is much bigger than that.

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Venus returned in the early days of January, while Jupiter was still in his early weeks here and she was instrumental in cementing the desires and expectations the planet of luck and expansion has been working to promote ever since. By the time Venus leaves your income sector on 26th November Jupiter will be just a week away from leaving as well but with the Sun here by then, Mercury returning next month and Mars in the New Year, all hands are arriving to help with the harvest. It is when Venus leaves your income sector and returns to your communication sector on 26th November that she will take off her planet of money and put on her planet of love hat.

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While Venus will return to give your heart and your relationships a voice, returning a week before Jupiter and to find Saturn and Pluto still there, puts her once again at the start of a major new period of growth. There are some mixed messages on the romantic and relationship fronts this month, though in different ways.

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On the romantic front these mixed messages are coming from the fact that the lines between the past, present and future are blurred. Yet you not only begin the month with Venus, the planet of love in Scorpio but with your birthday month and new solar year underway, with your heart looking to the future. Venus will leave Scorpio on 2nd November but not before updating your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year.

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What you are doing is leaving the Sun and the birth of this new solar year with a blueprint for what you want from the coming year and this has nothing to do with blind faith. With Neptune in your romantic sector until and Uranus in your relationship sector until as well, you have major planets that will stay on, both with the power to turn desires into reality. This requires some blind faith at the start of the month. In the meantime, when Uranus returned to your relationship sector in March to begin his seven year journey, this meant that no planet can now move through Scorpio without moving into opposition.