Are aquarians and scorpio compatible

One also wonders if it is wise for these two to get together, in the second place. Well, hello there! Fancy meeting you, of all people, in the middle of a telescope! Aquarius takes a similarly tentative view of Scorpio. No wonder these two approach each other with their safety belts fastened securely, Aquarius packing a parachute, just in case, and Scorpio carrying a hidden water pistol, just in case.

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The water pistol. Aquarius is not a Fire Sign you can squirt on and extinguish. Actually, Water and Air tend to ignore each other, if anything. I hope seriously that this paragraph has impressed you with the possibilities of beauty in an association between Aquarius and Scorpio when they both work at it. The thing is, although both Scorpio and Aquarius would like to learn everything they can about each other, neither wants her or his own mysteries unveiled. Not always, but most of the time. Fixed is one degree this side of stubborn.

Like, unmoving. The problem is, I believe, self-evident. Very little else will. Of course, Fixed also means stable and lasting, so, like everything else, it has its positive side. Scorpio would do well to imitate this Aquarian trait. It makes them feel secure. But neither Scorpio nor Aquarius would have it any other way.

Create a post. The Aquarius and Scorpio pairing love change and excitement. It keeps things hopping. Neither appreciates the staleness of stagnation.

Scorpio man and aquarius woman - Scorpio man and aquarius woman love compatibility

Spontaneity rules, but Scorpio does long for the occasional evenings home too. Aquarius will need to bend a bit and be flexible.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the Visionary ⋆ Astromatcha

It allows a balance between socialization and private affections. Both partners love the physical aspects of sex. But, Scorpio will scream for emotional depth. Scorpio might need to slow the horses a bit for the relationship to remain in good standing.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the Visionary

Spontaneity rules in this relationship. But, Scorpio does long for the occasional evenings home snuggling in private. The Aquarius and Scorpio love match appreciate the physical aspects of sex. Gambling at the local casinos is on the fun things to do list. Bungie jumping or adventure trails all appeal to this couple. Both partners are natural born risk takers. This keeps the relationship enticing and date night is never dull. A healthy taste for competition makes them the lover of challenges and puzzles too. Aquarius is a social creature by nature.

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Tolerance is necessary here. Aquarius does not take kindly to a threat to their freedom.

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If they have an extensive network of friends, all are important. When Scorpio comes between friends, the jealousy hurts Aquarius. Likewise, Aquarius has its own issues with jealousy. Scorpio uses their sugary sweet conversational method to talk the opposite sex. Aquarius gets bent fast. The Scorpio partner is guessing why Aquarius is cold and aloof and angry. Should either partner start to question the loyalties of the other, then things get bad. Scorpio holds loyalty as important at all costs. So, when Aquarius accuses them of the opposite, it is infuriating.

Aquarius is more prone to breaking commitments. Yet, they are still loyal until the relationship has nothing left in meaning.

Questioning the loyalties of Aquarius makes them run cold. All signs in astrology correspond to a polarity of Yin or Yang. Yin is female energy.

Scorpio and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Yang is masculine energy. Scorpio is Yin and Aquarius is Yang. This makes Aquarius the projective or aggressive sign. Scorpio is passive and receptive. The Yin and Yang aspects give the couple an element of balance, but only if they allow this balance to work.

The Aquarius and Scorpio relationship runs into issues when partners go to extremes. If Aquarius becomes extreme, they are domineering. If Scorpio is out of balance, passive aggressiveness results. This will push Aquarius away and in the opposite direction as they run from commitment. Scorpio might take on the role of martyr in hopes of the Aquarius turning themselves around. Aquarius resents the impositions Scorpio puts on their freedom. To regain a sense of energetic balance, Scorpio needs to be confident and secure.

It also helps to be while direct with expression. When discussing the subject of aspect, it explains the distance between zodiacs. Since Scorpio and Aquarius are three signs apart, they are square. The square creates a degree angle.

Can Aquarius and Scorpio marry?

The angle is sharp. This means there are power plays and a constant push and pull between this pair. They will need to learn how to share the positions of power in this relationship. Relaxation and smooth sailing through this relationship only happen in works of fiction. The square aspect between these zodiacs promises the lessons of balance and compromise. When the lessons are behind them, this couple proves inseparable. These two have different elemental influences. Scorpio corresponds with water.