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You'd be masking who you are. Look at street-style photography. We often complain about how downright fake the photos from Fashion Week can feel.

But we've been conditioned to believe that the craziest, loudest outfit wins. And here's where we run into a problem: If you're trying that hard to achieve originality, is it authentic? Isn't genuine nonconformity effortless, like breathing or blinking? The thing about originality is that you have to decide what the word means in the context of your own life. Was I acting originally when I married my husband at the tender age of 23?

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That was exactly what my family expected from me. Was it original that as a truly passionate, aspiring acquirer of expensive footwear, I entered the fashion industry? Not at all. As a child, I played dress-up with my dolls and loved trying on my mom's lipstick. Very average. When I was 20, I tried to convince myself that I should be a political reporter. For a woman deeply concerned with how she and the people around her dress, that career choice would have been a little more unorthodox and surprising than writing about fashion.

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But the heart wants what it wants! So who are we to deprive ourselves of what the trenches of our gut say we need? Our gut is sometimes annoying, and it's pesky, and we can get it mixed up with weird, negative voices in our heads; but it's also very rarely wrong.

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  5. Being in tune with and consistently working to cancel out the noise of what's happening outside of you is the only way to discover what's inside--and, I would argue, the path to real originality. I use clothes to pick up the slack where words fail, to portray an image of the person I am proud to be but also aspiring to improve. I don't endeavor to look original--and if I did, that would defeat the whole purpose.

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    It is the Cancer ethos never to forget, not only because they are nostalgic like that, but because they are the personal historians of the zodiac. Through their energy, we keep and retain all the painful memories that help us make better decisions in the future. They are still mad about the first time their parents ever told them no. They feel the sting of kindergarten rejection in every adult romance.

    Even if the details fade, the emotional scars are preserved in crisp, pin-sharp color forever.

    Leandra Medine's Blog, page 67

    Cancers are motivated to build security — the soft crab meat hidden behind the impenetrable shell — because they actually want to keep their sweet, innocent childhood souls intact. Leos were born with the thesis that they are special, and they spend their lives in joyful pursuit of confirming that. The radical self-love they practice is both radical in that loving oneself so much is rare, and also because the amount is radically large. They are their own manic pixie dream girls. Leos want power and loyalty, but unlike a Capricorn or a Scorpio, they want it to come from your genuine, overflowing love for them, not from obligation.

    They are just curious about what you think about their favorite subject: themselves. Virgos can be so, so hard on themselves — so they may not be very nice to you, either. The resting state of a Virgo is finicky discomfort because they are beset with the uncanny analytical clarity a gift from their ruler, Mercury to see how imperfect the world really is. But while the other signs can make peace with an impure state of affairs or at least work within it , Virgos are grinding against entropy all the time. As such, their love language is complaints.

    Not the innocent ribbing that goes too far oh hi, Sagittarius or the hangry low-blow hello, Aries , but a precise, cutting, ruthless dressing down that makes you question if they even like you?

    Taurus: Pursuing too much of a good thing

    No spoonful of honey, though. The Libra desire to please is so real. They are downright athletic in their pursuit of popularity. They want to be prom queen, president, maid of honor even if they exchange texts once every six months excitedly promising to catch up soon and never do.

    But that genial demeanor can become a thin film over the very real rage they feel when wronged or upstaged by a friend. Even when they truly hate someone, their desire to be liked by them can lead them to maintain covertly toxic relationships, leaving only passive aggressive avenues to air their grievances, when all they need to do is state their beef and walk away. Their mission is not about finding equilibrium.

    Their streets are not two-ways. And a Scorpio, being among the most deeply sensitive, intuitive, and loving, must completely trust whomever they give their heart to. In the best cases, that trust is earned naturally through years of fidelity and mutual support. But on the darker, moral hazard end of the spectrum, Scorpios are suspicious researchers, furiously searching through phone records or diagramming a web of Instagram connections to prove their insecure suspicions that someone close to them is going to betray them.

    This signals the end of a seven-year period of financial tumult. Things are changing for the better. March is going to be a time filled with collaboration partnership, maybe even a proposal? In terms of astrology and in terms of actual airport decorum, I am the person falling asleep against the pillar with all the outlets just like the rest of the 99 percent, buddy.

    And yes, I did unplug your phone to plug mine in and then when I saw you returning to the pillar with a bag of pretzel chips clearly to retrieve your phone, of course I surreptitiously unplugged my phone and plugged yours back in. Because nobody is perfect, bro, and pretzel chips are dumb. Like, be a pretzel, or be a chip. Gather a consensus by encouraging team members and subordinates to voice their point of view, then gently work to bring everyone on the same page.

    See how that airport digression was actually very illuminating and not the ramblings of a slowly boiling brain? I know you do Virgo, and I love you for it, seriously.

    By Whitney Phillips

    I got you. Because I love you. Hi Libra, it is I, a fellow Libra, here with messages from the cosmos. She was notoriously super high on maybe a lack of oxygen or maybe too much Emergen-C?! Heck, she was probably a Libra too! You probably want some prophecies, am I right? This month is gonna be mostly a grand time for us. Venus, our ruling planet, will be in Aquarius most of the month.

    Hotel Man Repeller

    You can buy clothes and accessories, but you should keep the receipts for you may have to make an exchange Mercury retrograde. You hear me? We must not buy small robots, or large robots, really — no robots of any kind. Mercury would simply foil all robot-related plans.

    And although these retrogrades infamously put a strain on communication, we have been advised to keep our communal Libran hearts open to past flames that might return to warm up our final days of winter. I, for one, hope that my past flame brings me some ginger tea and a hot water bottle. I hope yours brings you baklava and scented candles. May we all have what we need, amen. Did you like the finger guns I was doing as I was improvising your new nicknames? The new moon is present in your fifth house, where true love and romance live as roommates. Where were we?

    Your personal life.