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Europa decided to sit on its back, at which point the bull rose and ran off. Once they got to Crete, it was time for Zeus to change back into his own self and tell Europa who he really was. He handed her tons of presents in order to keep her happy.

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The presents seem to have worked, because in the end they ended up having 3 sons. The most famous one being Minos.

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  7. Minos ended up to become the king of Crete and he built a palace at Knossos where bull games were held every year. Zeus, being happy with the results, decided to promote the bull to a constellation by placing it amongst the stars in the sky.

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    5. This constellation is connected to the story of Gilgamesh. He was the king of the Sumerian city state of Uruk.

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      This animal was sent by the goddess Ishtar to kill Gilgamesh. She was so angry at him for not falling for her advances that she thought he deserved to die. Gilgamesh is considered to be represented by the constellation Orion, which is right next to Taurus. The story goes that they are still fighting their battle in the skies.

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      Once it got to the beach the bull hit the water, by this time is was to late for Europa to climb off. The bull took off with her to the isle of Crete. When the bull and Europa got to Crete, Zeus switched himself back into his own form. Zeus seduced the beautiful Europa and made her his mistress, making it known to her that all the land as far as she could see now belonged to her.

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      This country became known as the Continent of Europe. Europa gave birth to three sons for Zeus Minos constructed a labyrinth to hold a different bull --the Minotaur, who was eventually killed by Theseus.

      In ancient Egypt , Taurus was associated with Apis or Hapis or Hapi-ankh a bull god, incarnation of the god Osiris idolized in the Memphis region. The Taurus constellation is among the ancient symbols. It's been associated with a bull even as far back as the Babylonians.


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